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Travelling can be a really worthwhile and satisfying experience if you go about it the right way. Whether you are an experienced traveller or traveling for the first time, you need to keep certain things in mind while preparing for the trip. Firstly, you need to be familiar with the destination you are travelling to. Accumulate information like whether you require a visa or not, the local currency, the time difference etc. prior to commencing the trip. You should also be aware about the medical treatment available in the place you are traveling to. The best means to carry funds while travelling to another country is international credit cards and traveller’s cheques. You need to find out with your travel agent before departure regarding the best method to carry funds. One thing you should always do is to carry a little amount of the local currency so that you can pay for taxi or bus if required or even to make telephone calls or small purchases. You need to not down the emergency phone number of your bank, which issued your credit card. This helps in situations where your credit card gets stolen. Make not of your traveller cheques’ serial numbers in case they are stolen and to help in their replacement. Electrical sockets and plugs in other countries could be different, so it is better to carry a special adapter which helps you to use any electrical equipment like shavers, hair dryers etc. which you might carry with yourself. You need to find out if your cell phone will function in the country you are travelling to. Check out what roaming charges are levied by your mobile operator. This is some of the travel advice that can help you when travelling abroad. Business Parking Heathrow is always happy to help its clients be it providing really good Heathrow valet parking or meet and greet Heathrow services or even offering travel advice or other information. It is because of our services that are focused to satisfy travellers, has made us so popular in the Heathrow airport car parking arena. We are constantly improving our Heathrow business parking services to ensure that businessmen are always satisfied and can be at ease while travelling. If you are searching for parking at Gatwick or Luton airports and parking at Heathrow airport, you know who to consult – Business Parking Heathrow and no one else!